salon verde berlin is a social network of artists, musicians, dancers, bodyworkers, supporters, friends, neighbours, humans.

Since 12 years we are doing our cultural work in Schuckerthöfe in Berlin-Treptow.

We are threatened by gentrification!

In the past year the Schuckerthöfe in Berlin-Treptow, the former headquaters of this well known factory and historical building of the Industrial Exhibition in 1896, were bought by a group of investors namely Germany Palermo s.a.r.l., HighBrook Investors and BATO Group.

Consequently the existence of multiple ateliers, small businesses, recording studios and spaces for musical education as well as the cultural project salon verde berlin are threatened by gentrification, which affects many self employed teachers, trainers, therapists, artists and cultural workers, as well as neighbourhood and community.

salon verde berlin is an invaluable cultural locus facilitating a diverse range of community projects including music, lectures and talks, as well as courses and workshops with different and diverse contents. Our recent work has been focused on bodytherapy, health and conscious being. We also provide a space for rehearsals in the field of dance and theater.

Moreover Salon Verde is very engaged in the field of sustainability. We are part of the community supported agricultural project (CSA) Solawi Apfeltraum, connected to a Demeter-farm close to Berlin which supplies more than 200 members with vegetables every week.

This is why for 12 years salon verde berlin is a beloved and special location that sustains and reflects many essential needs of Berlin community and culture and so far represents an important and well received part of Berlin identification!

We need to collectively preserve and sustain this unique cultural space.We call on your skills and support to save salon verde!


Currently we are working on an initiative, building a network with other affected people (200 ateliers in Treptow) and grounding an association. Here you you can check out our trailer for salon verde berlin and our upcoming project to sustain cultural presence in Treptow.

CONTACT US: support@salon-verde.de

Thanks. Peace.